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Writing religion for radio

25th May 2018 10:00 - 17:00

Church House, Westminster

About the course

This day is aimed at would-be contributors for Thought for the Day, Something Understood, Pause for Thought (or local equivalent) and includes recording sessions in our radio studios

  • Master the art of writing to provoke thought and reflection 
  • Learn how to script theology for broadcast (with style and originality)
  • Develop an engaging 'radio' presentation style
  • Capture and inspire an audience's imagination
  • Church House, Westminster
  • 27 Great Smith Street
  • London
  • SW1P 3AZ

Course costs:

Church of England delegates: £79

Delegates from other churches and charities: £129

Who is the tutor ?

Revd Mike Starkey

• Regular on Radio 2 Pause for Thought

• Radio 4 Prayer for the Day

• Former commercial radio journalist and 20 years as a parish priest

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